The ease with which you can sell gold will depend largely on how easily the content of pure gold can be determined in the bar or coin in your possession. This is one reason why gold bullion has become so popular for gold investors.

They know they'll be able to sell gold easier as a coin because the quality and quantity of pure gold in the coin is guaranteed. This guarantee makes it easy to sell gold to dealers around the world. All dealers will be familiar with the current value of gold.

If your wondering about how to sell your old gold jewelry, don't assume you'll make a mint selling them as scrap. The high price of gold may tempt you to unload some unloved trinkets, you might be better off selling unwanted pieces as jewelry, rather than for the melting pot.

If you have a gold necklace, you probably don't know how much gold you have to sell. Retail jewelers almost never tell you how many grams of gold you're getting when you buy an item. They might tell you the purity of the gold used in the necklace—that it's 14 karat and not 18 karat—but not the quantity. When reality kicks in, it's not such a great idea to sell old jewelry for the gold scrap value.

Sell your gold to almost any coin dealer. Big or small, they all want to buy it. Know your gold prices before you go in, and expect to get a little less than than the currant selling prices.

Most gold investors only part with their physical gold out of necessity. If you are trying to simply win profits from short term gold investment plays, an easier way to do it would be to invest in gold mining stocks. Selling your gold is probably easier than buying it. If you do not really need to sell it, why not just keep it as a safety net.

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