A gold coin is a flat, disc-shaped piece of gold that has been minted and issued by a government or private organization. Although gold has been recognized as a store of value virtually since the dawn of history, the first gold coins are believed to have been minted in 670 B.C. by King Gyges of Lydia in Turkey. The legendary King Croesus minted 98% pure gold coins in 550 B.C.

Half a millennium later, Julius Caesar minted gold coins to pay the Roman Legions. Somewhat apprehensive at first, the soldiers were happy to discover that the value of the gold in the coins rapidly surpassed their face value.

For gold coin collectors as opposed to bullion ownership, many factors determine the value of a gold coin, such as its rarity, age, condition and the number originally minted. Gold coins, especially pre-1933 gold coins minted in the U. S. and Europe, are rapidly becoming the asset of choice among investors worldwide.

American Buffalo Gold - By law, each American Buffalo Gold Coin must contain one troy ounce of 24 Karat gold. Each coin is legal tender and bears a $50 face value with 1 OZ, .9999 Fine Gold, Liberty, E Pluribus Unum, and In God We Trust in scripted on the coin.

American Eagle Gold - Gold American Eagles have become the leading bullion coins produced in the United States. American Eagle gold coins are the only gold bullion coins guaranteed by the US Government as to gold weight and purity. American Eagles are official legal tender gold coins of the United States.

Canadian Maple Leaf - Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins contain no silver, no copper, just pure 99.99%gold. These are the world’s purest gold coins.

Australian Kangaroos - a gorgeous two-tone finish with frosted backgrounds and highly reflective, proof-like raised features that give this coin its distinctive, unique look. The Kangaroo is a legal tender gold bullion coin.

China Gold Pandas - These official legal tender gold coins are minted in .999 solid goldt. Each Panda gold coin is official legal tender issued exclusively by the People's Bank of China. They are beautiful collectibles.

Krugerrand Gold Coins - South African Gold Krugerrands are one of the best selling world gold coins and offer you instant liquidity worldwide. Each Krugerrand gold coin contains 1 troy ounce of pure gold, added to which is a small amount of copper to provide durability. Thus the coins are made of 22 karat alloy.

US Gold Buffalo

United States Eagle

Canadian Maple Leaf

Australian Kangaroo

China Gold Panda

South Africa Krugerrand
There are many more gold coins of the world including a wide variety of Euro gold coins such as the Lucky French Angels, French 20 Francs, Swiss 20 Francs, British Sovereigns, and Austrian Philharmonics. However we have chosen to list only the more popular gold coins in the United States of America. Coin images are not to scale.

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