For centuries, buying gold has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power. Gold is a unique investment, one that has served mankind well for thousands of years. From the times of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has been fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold, and with its power to change men's lives.

Gold is the best form of money the world has ever known. It is a store of value and a safe haven in times of crisis.

Gold is rare, universally accepted, and can be easily bought and sold around the world. It is used in coinage and is a standard for monetary systems in many countries.

Most gold that is fabricated today goes into the manufacture of jewelry. However, because of its superior electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion and other desirable combinations of physical and chemical properties, gold also emerged in the late 20th century as an essential industrial metal.

Gold performs critical functions in computers, communications equipment, spacecraft, jet aircraft engines, and a host of other products. Although gold is important to industry and the arts, it also retains a unique status among all commodities as a long-term store of value.

Gold, like other precious metals, is measured in troy weight; when alloyed with other metals, the term carat is used to express the amount of gold present, 24 carats being pure gold. Gold is one of the heaviest minerals, and therefore can be panned easily because the gold sinks to the bottom of the streams.
Karat Percent Gold
24 Kt 100% Gold
18 Kt 75% Gold
14 Kt 58.3% Gold
10 Kt. 41.7%
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Largest single mass of gold
ever discovered in the world.
Atomic Number: 79 Atomic Radius: 144 pm
Atomic Symbol: Au Melting Point: 1064.18 ?C
Atomic Weight: 196.9665 Boiling Point: 2856 ?C
Electron Configuration: [Xe]6s14f145d10 Oxidation States: 3, 1
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